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Naina Deewaane & Suraiyaji

Naina Deewaane & Suraiyaji

Song : Naina Deewane, ik nahin maane
Film : Afsar ( Read the
Soundtrack Review of Afsar )
Lyrics: Pandit Narendra Sharma

Pandit Narendra Sharma, was one of those few poets who traced his roots to world of Hindi literature. He, along with Bharat Vyas and Kavi Pradeep brought a flavour of pure Hindi into film lyrics. Hindi film lyrics traditionally have had a strong influence of classical and progressive Urdu poetry (thanks to stalwarts like Sahir Ludhianvi, Kaifi Azmi, Majrooh Sultanputi, Shakeel Badayuni and not to forget Chacha Ghalib!) on one side and folk based dialects of Hindi like Avadhi, Braj Bhasha, Bhojpuri etc. on the other. It is not very common to see pure literary Hindi make an appearance in this arena. It was Pandit Sharma and Bharat Vyas who were responsible in a big way for introducing this shade to the rich tapestry of film lyrics .

Afsar was a rare collaboration between the greats... SD Burman and Pandit Narendra Sharma and ofcourse...Suraiya. The result is sheer magic. Panditji brings a rare literary sensitivity to the songs of Afsar. In this song Naina Deewane, the poet comes up with very pretty lyrics that ooze with the Shringar Ras.

The most striking and pleasant part for me is Panditji's play with alliteration. In the mukhda he plays around with the m and n sounds with the ease of a veteran. To sample
Nain Deewaane, ik nahin maane , kare man maani maane na
hue yeh paraye man haar aaye, man ka marham jaane na, maane na maane na .....
When it comes to the stanzas he again does some charming play with a hint homonysms in
Jaana na jaana man hi na jaana
Or the very pretty play with rhymes (and alliteration)
Jeevan beli kare atakheli, mehke man ke bakul
priti phool phoole jhoola jhoole, chekhe ban bulbul
Year of Release : 1950
Music : Sachin Dev Burman
-This song is adapted from Rabindranath Tagore's Shei din dujone.
Hear the original at
-Afsar, released in 1950, was the first film from the Navketan banner. It marked the beginning of Dada's association with the Film Company which lasted right uptil 'Chupa Rustom' in 1973
Availability : The soundtrack of Afsar has not been released commercially. This song, however, makes an appearance in most Suraiya collections.
Naina Deewane, Ik Nahin Maane
- Ritu Chandra

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nainaa diivaane ik nahii.n maane kare man maanii maane naa huye hai.n paraaye man haar aaye man kaa maram jaane naa, maane naa, maane naa nainaaa diivaane
(jaanaa na jaanaa man hii na jaanaa chitavan kaa man bantaa nishaanaa) \- 2 kaisaa nishaanaa kaisaa nishaanaa man hii pahachaane naa, maane naa, maane naa nainaaa diivaane
jiivan belii kare aTakhelii mahake man ke bakul priitii phul phuule jhuulaa jhuule chahake ban bul\-bul, mahake man ke bakul man kyaa jaane kyaa hogaa kal dhaar samay kii bahatii pal pal jiivan cha.nchal jiivan cha.nchal din jaake phir aane naa, maane naa, maane naa nainaa diivaane


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I love this song, though I was born two decades after the movie/song. You pinned it , when you said it oozes with 'Sringaar Ras'.

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