Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Parichay ~~ परिचय

In a bustling city like Bombay / Mumbai , it is difficult to concieve that , there could be a " HOME " of some one, as serene and tranquil, as an " Ashram " [ hermitage ] of yore.

But it was my privilege to grow up in one such nameless home. Why nameless you'd ask ? the answer is ...my artist mother Susheela liked the name SUVEEDHA [ which means = comfort ] while my poet father Narendra , selected the name PUNAR VASU [ which is one of the names from ancient Indian mythology + a name given to a constellation ] So the home remains No. 594 till today .

My mother learnt Fine Arts @ Haldernker's Institute at Opera House . She is a Gujarati Lady. My Father is a U.P Brahmin.

I compeleted my B.A with honors in Sociology / psychology. Got married to Deepak whom I've known since first std. as we were in the same Gujrati medium school.

We stayed in Los ~ Angeles, California [ U.S. A. ] where he did his MBA. & enjoyed many trips along the Pacific Highway 101 which is majestically magical route meandering on the mountains , over looking the Turquoise Blue of Pacific Ocean in which one can spot a Whale , submerging & surfacing !

After 3 yrs we returned to Bombay when my first , Sindur a sweet baby girl was born. 5 yrs later my son Sopan was born. 14 yrs passed as if in a wink.

The wheels of life turned and brought us back to USA where I live. My first Hindi poems book " Fir Ga Utha Prawasee " [ the Traveler sings again ] is published.

Another Hindi Novel, " Sapno ke Saahil " will soon be in print. " The Monsoon Swing & Other Poems" in English will also be published soon.

Google search will take you to other writings of mine -- Lavanya Shah -- is the Search word.

Poetry has remained my Friend, my confidant, my sympathiser , my Muse, my Prayer to the Unseen --

It has let me stay connected to my ROOTS & to my Culture.

The Self expression has found a voice for the disocveries of my soul's experience and has come to the conclusion that this entire Universe is my very Own !

My Father wrote thus :

" Dharitree putree tumharee hey, Amit Aalok,
Janmada meri wahee hai, swarna -garbha kokh ! "

[ Translation ]

O Divine , Unlimited Brilliance !
This Earth is THY daughter !
The same Golden womb is my Mother !

My Radio Interviews & programmes & poetry recitals r featured regulerly on local radio programme named " SWRANJALI "
http://www.nrifm.com/ To listen click here (Hindi)

Among them are 1) on My Father Late Pt. Narendra Sharma &
2) is Talks with India's Nightangle Lata Mangeshker who is my DIDI [ elder sister ]

With GOODWILL & motherly love towards One & All, looking at my life's journey & at all who join in, in this Journey, I remain positive & hopeful for a bright future for the mankind.
Amen !


Blogger Unknown said...


I enjoyed your site very much. Thanks a lot for the same.

I have heard Lata Mangeshkar speak about your father as her Guru. Shame on those of us who didn't know him by name eventhough we have heard/enjoyed listening to a lot of his lyrics. A very great man in deed.

I am not Hindi speaking (am from ANDHRA) but know some Hindi. So may I ask why the script in your blog is
not the standard? Is it because it is more convenient to type?

Please keep it up.

with best regards,

S. Rao Ponamgi

9:24 AM  
Blogger लावण्यम्` ~ अन्तर्मन्` said...

Satyanarayan ji
I was pleasantly surprised to READ your comments after many days after you posted a comment - sorry about my delayed reply.

Yes, More then GURU Latadidi considered my Papa just like her own FATHER !
Though I am his daughter, I do believe my Papaji was a Modern saint in its TRUE sense !
His poems & lyrics are Immortal.
His HINDI was impaccable.
The FONTS I've used on my BLOG are in Hindi, English & Gujrati -- you may not be able to read the HINDI or Gujrati fonts if you do not have them installed on your PC.
Once again I thank you sincerely for your kind comments.

10:34 PM  

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