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" Prasaargeet" from Aakashvani. AIR --

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The Innaugeral Song for Vividh -Bharti

( AIR ) Aakashwani

Here is a little background about the song, translated from Anil Biswas'biography, written by Sharad Dutt.

Incidentally, Sunil Dutt recites thefirst two verses from "naach re mayuuraa" in Sujata (1959).

While Dr. Keskar was the minister of Information and Broadcasting, a new policy was adopted regarding the air-play of film songs. Keskar did not want Aakashvani to broadcast film songs. What was one to do ?

It was decided that "saahityik" songs written by Bhagwaticharan Verma (in Delhi) and Narendra Sharma (in Mumbai) be set to music, to take the place of film songs.

At that time Narendra Sharma had Anil Biswas compose the music fora few of his songs. These were:

( 1 ) chaumukh divaraa baar dharuu.Ngii chaubaare par aaj
jaane kaun dishaa se aa_e mere raajakumaar
( Sung by : Meena Kapoor)

( 2 ) rakh diya nabh shuunya me.n kisane tumhe.n mere hR^iday ( sung by : Meena Kapoor)

( 3 ) naach re mayuuraa ( sung by : Manna De)

( 4 ) yug kii sa.ndhyaa kriShhak-vadhu sii kisakaa pa.nth nihaar rahii hai ( sung by : Lata Mangeshker )

All Songs were composed by Sri AnilBiswas.

These songs were relayed in the course of the one and a half hour program"Prasaargeet" from Aakashvani.

It is a matter of regret that the disk of Lata Mangeshkar's last recorded song (for Anil Biswas) "yug kii sa.ndhyaa ..." was ruined after the very first play of the song; hence, a recording is not available today.

At the inauguration of Vividh Bharati service the very first song to be played was none other than "naach re mayuuraa".


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