Thursday, September 21, 2006


there is this thin line between being arrogant -- n -- having ' self pride ' or confidence in ones own self.

i learnt to walk that difficult line from papa . b confident but never proud. to have self pride is healthy. don't let any one stop you from ' smiling ' or admiring flowers or singing when you are joyful.

My memories of him are my lessons by which I learn, every day so I do not forget them but cherish them & remember them often -- -- to learn some thing new, every day.== every time.

he was that rare specimen of almost perfect human being who by just being himself brought me closer to the divine energy whom we call --- GOD !

surely, every one is given some freedom --- to have handicaps ---- mine is this -- non - driver -- n few others --

i think, Viveka Nanda or So many others like him, came to do their work & left -- He left this world -- at age 33 !
-- did you know that as a commoner when his name was NARENDRA --- he was hunting for a job -- ?

his Mother was about to have him married -- but his GURU sree Ram Krishna Param Hansa knew what was in his Destiny. ----

it is diff. to have money - or -- No Money --- & then - to use it wisely -- but NEVER let it " consume " ones Humanity -- -- it is not worth it !

---- Arrogance is that which makes you look " negatively " at others achievements, good Qualities, their goodness while constantly thinking that we are the ones who sacrifice & suffer the MOST & we only GOT a Raw Deal.

Which is not True !

Life is a Great Equalizer.

Good & Bad times come surely as Sun & shadow. Day & Night. Like Birth & Death.
TIES to Ego are given up when one realises that I'm part of the Whole.
the thought that,
I'm part of something beyond & much bigger then what I' see or percieve with these senses.
The first realisation of this leads to Q.s that US human beings have asked since centuries --

Who am I ? Am I this Body ?
Or Am I a Soul ?
From where have I come ?
What is the Source ?
Am I part of this source ?
Or is it beyond me ?
Only an Enlightened MASTER will show you the Light.
That we are part of the DIVINE.
We are but made up of STARS !
[ said the scientist Carl Sagan ]


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