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“ KALIDASA “ is perhaps the most famous poet author from ancient India . His prolific writings are comparable to William Shakerspear’s in its dimension & beauty in his Plays

His most famous Dramas are – SHAKUNTALAM which describes the early life of SHUNGA dynasty. It is a romantic tale of a beautiful maiden left in the forest by a celestial nymph come down from Heaven and who has a romantic yet brief encounter with a sage [ His name was Vishwamitra ] and this lovely daughter is the out come of this Union .

Both the parents leave the baby who is fed life giving water gathered from plants by a Swan & just then another Sage , a hermit named Kanva passes by and in his compassion picks up this lovely child and after that moment she is raised in that forest by a sage named Kanva and he named this girl – child SHAKUNTALA meaning “ the one fed by a swan “ ~~
Shakuntala grows upto be a breath taking beauty just like her Celestial mother [ MANEKA ] who was an Apsara = the lovely dancing & singing , ever youthful maidens residing in Heaven .

King Udyana sees this innocent forest – girl & is smitten. He approaches her & wins her heart . Gives her his Royal seal , his Ring & leaves her in the absence of her foster father

Another Sage comes visiting this Ashram = A Hermitage or Forest sanctuary.

Shakuntala ignores him as she is lost in the thoughts of her beloved & this sage Durvasa [ famous for his anger ] curses her that, ~~ “ the One in whose thoughts she is lost , will soon forget her ! “

Shakuntala and her friends implore the sage Durvasa to b kind and take back this curse. He relents and adds that “ when this person will see some personel object belonging to him , he will remember her ! “

Shakuntala & her friends are reassured , thinking that the RING given by King Udayan will keep Shakuntalas’ memory alive is his heart.

Sage Kanva on his return finds that Shakuntala is pregnant and learns of King Udyan’s visit & their marriage vows that took place in his Forest – Ashram. So he decides to send Shakuntala to the King at his far away palace.

As Shakuntala crosses the River Ganga she dips her hand in its water to pray & her Ring slides from her finger & a Fish swallows the ring ! The Curse comes true when King Udyana fails to recognize his wife , his love when she reaches & faces him at his palace.

Heart broken, Shakuntala fled away from there. She gives birth to a handsome and brave prince , all alone in a forest , surrounded by Lions !

After 6 years pass , King Udayana is out on a hunt and is amazed to see a brave and handsome child playing with Lion cubs !! The Boy is opening their mouth and counting their Teeth !! This strange sight fills his heart with wonder and amazement and he asks this boy who is he ?

The young Prince replies , “ I am BHARAT ! Son of Shakuntala and King Udayana !

Udayana is intrigued and begs the young Bharat to take him to his mother , Shakuntala
He remembers her now. Because a fisher man had caught this big fish & upon cutting the fish’s belly had found this magnificent Royal Ring and had taken it to the Royal court in the hopes of getting a prize for this offering which surely belonged to his King ! As soon as King glanced at his Ring, he remembered his forest encounter with the lovely maiden Shakuntala and his love ~ Marriage that had taken place in the hermitage of Sage Kanva

He also remembers the sad encounter when he refused to recognize her when she visited him at his Palace and told him she was bearing his child and King Udayan repented his folly for rejecting her and he vows to seek his beloved .

Today his search is over and he stands face to face with the lovely Shakuntala ! They embrace lovingly and he takes his Son Bharat and his beloved wife Shakuntala back with him to his kingdom. They live happily ever after and INDIA is called BHARAT after this Royal Prince as he ascends the throne after his Father’s Rule ends. In ancient times INDIA was called BHARAT and many love to call India Bharat even today, in the memory of this Brave Prince who was the symbol of Union of True love.
--- Lavanya


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