Sunday, October 01, 2006

RAIN & Mono Lage na ....( A Bengali song by LM )

[ A Bengali Song on RAIN Singer : Lata Mangeshker ji
" Mono Lage na ....."
Music : Salil Chowdhrey ]

Again it will come, the season
That drizzling world of downpour,
But, we won't be together anymore!
And then again will come rains!
The same desperate drops, on sand,
The same earthy smell shall rise,
And the thick curtain of rain
Will tremble lift and fall with a sigh!
Unbroken chain of droplets
Spread like the mysterious night,
Far away, a tiny flicker,Lost in the water's howling crest!
How can it fight the ferocity?
Impounding fury, so bare, so raw?
My heart pounds with a boom...
Thunder then echo is my song!
Lightening then streaks, across the sky
Wet is the world and wet am I!


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