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MS Subbalaxmiji ~~ Bharat Kokila

Pandit Narendra Sharma in his youth going for his wedding ceremony accompnied by the legendry HINDI poet Sree Sumitra Nandan Pant ji
MS Subbalaxmiji -- Bharat Kokila

MS Subbalaxmiji , made MEERA - a Bilingual Film --
In the HINDI version, all the songs werre written
by my Late Father Pt. Narendra Sharma.
Who also visited her during the Production of MEERA --

Here is what She & her Husband sent as their MEMORY / TRIBUTE
after my father's demise in 1989 when the TV series MAHABHARAT
was telecast & he was involved in that process ---

M.S. Subbulaxmi
The name Pandit Narendra Sharma is dear to us for nearly half a century. When a few years ago, someone suggested that Smt. Subbulaxmi should sing the Hindi renderings of the Tamil song of the Maha Kavi Subramanyam Bharti, we , spontaneously thought of Pandit Narendra Sharma to translate a few songs of poet Bharti into Hindi.

During the production of my " Meera " in which Smt. Subbulaxmi was featured as Bhakta Meera, Shri Narendra Sharma's association was of immense help to us. While we admired him as a great poet and a " Savant " in Hindi Literature we admired him as he was just simple and lovable. His fragile image with a beauty and friendly smile present all the time on his face could never be forgotten.
MS Subbulaxmiji sang the "Mangal - Geetam " when my mother Smt. Susheela Narendra Sharma entered as a newly married bride and Sri Amrutlal Nagarji's wife Pratibhaji made Susheela stand on huge brass platter, filled with Kumkum filled water and she stepped like a ' Laxmi ' entering a home. Suraiyaji , the famous songstress also sang songs to welcome the Bride !

Other Guests in Baraat were famous Cine - stars like Sri Ashok Kumar, Dilip Kumar, music director Sri Anil Biswas, Bansuree vadak Sri Panna Lal Ghosh, director brothers Sri Chetanananda & Vijay Anand ji , The famous Chhayawadi poet Sri Sumitra Nandan Pantji , Sri Ramananda Sagar ji , Urdu poet Safdar " Aah " sahab amd many other from Bombay Talkies and Hindi literrarry & Film circle.

Art fraternity, also was represented in large number as my mother Susheela was a Fine Arts graduate from Haldenker's Institute .

Their wedding card had an Easel shaped like a Lotus Leaf & a PEN was inserted in the middle in form of a brush !

Hope you enjoy this page, sent from my Memory album !
with warm regards to all,


Blogger Chitarup said...

Hello Antarman,

very nice pictures and poems.
Thank you.

Love, Chitarup

7:12 AM  
Blogger Chitarup said...

Hello Antarman,

very nice pictures and poems.
Thank you.

Love, Chitarup

7:13 AM  
Blogger लावण्यम्` ~ अन्तर्मन्` said...

Thank you Chitrarupji

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