Monday, January 22, 2007

Raining Arrows --

This picture has Shree Krishna , inside a special hall made up of arrows by the mighty archer Arjun during the Mahabharat war.

Sree Krishna who handled Arjun's chariot realised that all 4 horses were wouned by enemy arrows and were bledding from wounds and were tired.

so Sree Krishna ji requested his Sakha Arjun to bring forth water from the ground and make a special pavillion right in the middle of the battle field and expressed his desire to wash the wounds of the Horses & unshackeled them as Arjun got down & obeyed the command of Krishna bhagwan.

Arjun is the greatest Archer who ever lived on this Earth - his Archery is legendry. So he was able to fulfill such a request & he stood by & watched as KESHAV = HARI = Madhusudan = Krishna = Gopal = ( all names of Sree Krishna the Lord God who took birth to vanquish the bad & restore the kingdom of righteousness & preached the Divine knowledge of Bhagwat GEETA to Arjun before the WAR between Kaurava & Pandava began on the battlefield of KURUKSHETRA ! )

Sree Krishna ji , with sublime love, took care of the 4 Horses who could not speak -- of their condition but they were fortunate to be touched by the hands of Lord of the Universe HIMSELF -- in swaroop of Sree Krishna !

This incident has not been shown on any Drama / or / TV series but is among one of my favorite episodes from Mahabharat .

I recall, I had read Mahabharat published by Geeta Press Gorakhpur when i was barely 9 / 10 yrs old & till this day they ( i say " They " because there were 2 huge volumes bound in Gerua colored Khadee cloth -- these 2 huge volumes were in Hindi & had nice pictures narrating the story on each page each consisted some 1,000 = One Thousand + pages ) have left a strong impression on my mind.

I remember many such small kathas -- which I will share as time permits me !

Hope you enjoy this as much as I did !

Long Live our ancient Kathas .....may they enlighten us , always !


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Enjoyed since it was never heard of anywhere. Looking forward to get more of such Kathas.
Thanks Lavanyaji.
-Harshad Jangla
Atlanta, USA
Jan 23, 2007

6:15 AM  
Blogger Deepak Jeswal said...

I had no clue about this tale...thanks for sharing it with us :)

4:22 AM  
Blogger लावण्यम्` ~ अन्तर्मन्` said...

Aap dono ko achchi lagee ye kahani sunke khushi huee ...aur bhee bahot saree jo mujhe pata hain, will try & share ok ?
B ready --
B there --
or B Square !! :-)

11:06 AM  
Blogger Divine India said...

भारत की ये कुछ कथाएँ धरोहर हैं…कृष्ण जो महाभारत के सर्ग और विनाश के कारण थे अत्यंत प्रासंगिक व्यक्ति थे शायद उनसे ज्यादा अबतक कोई व्यावहारिक हुआ भी नहीं…मैड्म आप बताएँ हम पढ़ते रहेंगे…मैं भी बहुत सारी इसी प्रकार की किताबें पढ़ता रहता हूँ इसकारण मन लगा रहता है…दर्शनशास्त्र मेरा प्रिय विषय रहा है…

7:07 AM  

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