Friday, September 22, 2006

Bade Ghulam Ali Khan saab

& this too ~~~
listen to Bade Ghulam Ali Khan saab here : ~~~

[ Bade Ghulam Ali Khan saab : sings Mian ki Malhaar Raag ]

...One day [Bade Ghulam Ali] Khansaheb had a radio broadcast at 1 p.m. As I was working for the Bombay Radio Station at the time, I too had to be in attendance. After he had finished, Khansaheb said, "Wait for a while. I have sent for a taxi - we shall go together." It was mid-july and the rain was coming down in torrents. Besides, I was hungry. But I did not have the heart to say 'no' to Khansaheb. The taxi came along and we got in. Water in any form made Khansaheb happy and heavy rains in particular were pure bliss for him. Some of the rain-water seeped into the taxi and began to drench us but Khansaheb seemed to be in high spirits. He said, "Come Deodharsaheb, let us go to the sea-shore; the sea would be something to be seen right now." I protested, "For one, I am famished and besides my clothes are beginning to get wet. So let me go straight home." However, by way of compromise I agreed to let the taxi driver take us via Marine Drive. We came to Marine Drive and Khansaheb asked the cabbie to stop his vehicle at a spot where there is a cement-concrete projection. The waves of the turbulent sea at this point were thirty to forty feet high. Khansaheb said, "Deodharsaheb, the time and this place are just right for doing riyaz. Listen." And he began to sing. Whenever a particularly massive wave broke and water spouted up Khansaheb's tana rose in synchronization and descended when water cascaded down. Water rose in a single massive column but split at the top and fell in broken slivers; so did Khansaheb's tana in raga Miyan Malhar. Sometimes, if his ascending notes failed to keep pace with the surging water, he was angry with himself but tried again till it synchronized perfectly with the surging water. This went on for three quarters of an hour. I got so interested in the whole proceeding that hunger and thirst were forgotten. Finally Khansaheb's son, who happened to be with us, said to his father, "Let us go now - it is two-thirty p.m. and we are both hungry."...


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