Thursday, September 21, 2006

Beat of India ~~ a Folk music symphony

Aaja Mhara Veer Ramdev - Bhajan - Mohammad Ayub - Ramdev ji Maharaj is revered in many areas of Rajasthan for his bravery. This bhajan describes the call of his sister Sugna when she is sad in her in-law's home.
Dinva Chadhaibe Mahajaliya -
Mallaha Geet - Lallan Singh Gahmari - This is a song sung specifically by the Fisherman community. The fisherman's wife is praying to the river Goddess, mother Ganga, to send her husband back safely.
Tohe Jana Hai Pi Ki Nagariya -
Nirgun - Mohan Lal Kanskar - The song talks of death as the inevitable union with the supreme God. It speaks of the good deeds a human being must do before this union to attain salvation for the soul.

Click on Tohe Jana Hai Pi Ki Nagariya -

I'm listening to all these artists & watching the Video link provided & i feel I'm transported to Rural Interior India ...............this is wonderful ................


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साइट वास्तव में बहुत सेवा करती है भारतीय लोक गायन की!

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