Sunday, October 01, 2006

Me, and my Fisher Woman!

Me, and my Fisher Woman!
Today, I hear voices,
rising from closed doors,
As if the waves on a sleeping sea,
Have sprung unto life!
Today again my lamp of pleasure
lights,The night is passing by,
In its softly burning light!
The muffled song of life,
as dim as the lamp,
Which hangs up on the mast,
Fighting the grim darkness!
My boat rocks, goes ahead and stops,
The sea slaps it, to and fro,
Awakening and putting it to sleep!
There is one light with me,
a brightness in life,
Fixed forever, like the North Star!
Like my tested faith in God!
I am a sailor, standing,
watching the sea,
My lamp and the sleeping, companion of mine!
Hush! Don't awake her,
she sleeps lost in the dark night,
exhausted,She lies like dead,
in the journey of night!
We, with our childish innonce,
And no desire, to find
neither shore nor destiny!
Nay - we don't want them ---
We two are wanderers wild!
I have come to find a way,
A land that is Heaven,
On the other side of the seas!
Beyond horizon ;
a small corne;One corner,
where we will live,Two souls,
all alone, wrapped in love,
Me and my Fisherwoman!
We would live like the exiled King and Queen,
In a lush green cottage, besides the sea,
A bed, fish and my boat !
within,Vicinity and in front, the sea
In all its glory, fuming so blue!
Then sand will come running from all sides,
To capture the dancing sea in its arms!
At night fall, me and my friend the woman
Would watch the lamp on the mast,
The sea from the shore,
we would see,And we would sit,
side by side there,
Me, and my Fisher woman!
Me, and my Fisher Woman


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