Sunday, October 01, 2006

Raj Kapoor saab's films & Censorship

( Film : Jis Desh Mein Ganga Behti Hai )

Many a times Raj Kapoor saab's films ran into a struggle of convincing the Censor board to let him retain certain portions of his usually BOLD scenes , produced under R.K. Banner ---

In " Mera Naam Joker " -- the discovery of actress PADMINI being a Girl --- ( if you recall the scene on a Merry - go - round ?? )

.....the Censor board had to let Raj saab retain the particuler scene as it was vital for the narration ....

( She recently passed away & i pray for the departed soul )

& Mandakini under the water fall Ram Teri Ganga Mailee ho gayee

or actress Simi , coming out of a puddle with her frock ,
stuck to her wet body,

or actress Dimple's scenes in BOBBY ....etc etc

Censor Board has to take into account ALL INDIA Viewership ........

when they make such CUTS or let the Producer retain their Originel version , in a Film.

Usually, its a " Tug - Of War " .... with INDIAN FILMS
getting BOLDER with every generation .

I recall, My Papa , Late Pt. Narendra Sharma did not select
many such " Risque " songs to be played on " Vividh Bharti " programmes.

Many a Producers tried to BRIBE him but he staunchly
REFUSED their advances , saying that,
" All India sensibelities are not going to be dictated by few Liberals who want to generate MONEY , through sensationalism "

---- I'm sure his stand drove the RISQUE SONGS towards Radio Ceylon & other Broad Cast Programmes then !

Here, HE had made a concious CHOICE to cater to the DECENCY , of ALL common Folks !!


Much later when MAHABHARAT -- T.V. Series PILOT was ready & Sree B. R. Chopraji took the first 4 episodes to DELHI , the Censorship declared that the this particuler dialogue should be removed from the Opening Episode --- Viz.

" Raja BHARAT says, " Simhasan ki Gaddi ko , Main, , " Vansh - paramparagat " nahee rakhna chahta ! Jo bhee sub se jyada LAYAK hoga, usiko Bharat ~ Varsh ka sanchalan , saupoonga ! "
Meaning ----

[ NATIONS' control should be given to an able person, irrespective of the Lineage & thus be a Democratic process rather then a HEREDITERY process ]

Now this was found " Objectionable " by the then Censor Board ( due to the concern that Nehru / Gandhi DYNASTY may find this objectionable & take an Offence !! )

Papaji at that time STOOD his ground & told them, " This is Integral part of the Narration & subsequent MAHABHARAT war Took place , when this DEMOCRATIC method was not followed ---

So, you have to let this SCENE + dialogue remain otherwise, you are doing a " dis - service " by being in your Censorship Seat ----

Only DUE to the RESPECT & Sterling character's aura that PAPA had --- the SCENE was not deleted & it was seen by almost BLLION + people world wide ----

DEMOCRACY truimphed !! ;-))

Some times, One needs to take a STAND for doing the RIGHT THING in spite of the Opposition.

WE ALL need to make such SMALL Choices , every day --- ---

WE Have to make the selection between " Right & Wrong " to be a good Citizen along with enjoying & selecting or not selecting whatever the MEDIA dishes out for our consumption & entertainment ---

Thus upholding OUR RIGHT Of CHOICE .
These are my views ---


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