Sunday, October 01, 2006


(Most lyrically enchanting rendition by Swar Samragnee Sree Lata Mangeshker )

SEASONS~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~
The snow promises The coming of spring
The spring that of summer!
Summer's heat beckons autumn
And autumn turns to winter!
The ever-changing cycle
We face with such surety!
As days turn to nights,
And darkness turns to dawn!
Nothing remains the same,
forever,Yet everything looks the same!
A child grows everyday
And a youth becomes a man!
A man will surely age then,
And an old man will surely die!
Who has set all these patterns?
Who controls ebb and tides?
Who paints the sky above?
And who lends the colors below?
Who fashions each blade and dale?
Who paints the merry flowers?
Who fashioned this world around us?
Who silently smiles and hides?
Who gave me eyes to see all this?
And ears to hear sweet melodies?
Who gave me love and life?
Who gave laughter and smiles?
Why tears flow from memories,
Why pain brings forth new pain?
What then men strive to gain?I
n the whirling, churning flow
I try to grasp some straws!
These are my understandingst ?
For the riddles of life's flows.


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