Friday, January 19, 2007

Chai Masala mix in America !

A Lady & her maid --

may be, going off to prepare CHAI ??

The easiest way to mix Indian style Masala (Blend of dry Spices) is easy.

From any drug store buy 99cent jars of cinammon, clove , nutmeg etc. And buy Green " Ilachi" which is fresh cardamom pods from Indian grocery store. Grind the Pods. Now mix all the spices according to your taste. I like more ginger, cardamom, then cinamon and just pinch of nutmeg and clove.
To make tea, boil water adding Tetley tea. One package to one cup of boiling water. Add the blend of dry spices that you just mixed.When the mixture is boiling add milk.

One can also mix fresh mint leaves, fresh ginger( Crushed and Added) and if one can find then fresh green tea leaves= called " HAREE CHAI KI PATTEE " --- Or ---- some folks like the dry grounded Anise seeds ( Saunf in Hindi & Variyali in Gujrati language )

Variyali always makes me burst into this song :
" Ye Variyali aur ye Nashta " :)
instead of the original --
" Ye Hariyali aur ye Raasta ..." lol ...

Add suger or honey if you like it sweet.
artificial sweetners is upto you !

Enjoy the most satisfying and cleansing cup of tea that you ever tasted.
We at home drink at least 4 cups of the same tea every day!
You are all invited to try it.

From : A True Tea Lover. :-))))))))))))))))))


Anonymous Anonymous said...

definitely i'll try this...looks to be a drinkers are going to hv real blast...this is just one of the types of ur grand wisdom of

1:42 AM  
Blogger लावण्यम्` ~ अन्तर्मन्` said...

Thank you Diyabh .........
will post some more recipes

9:39 AM  

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