Saturday, January 20, 2007

Q ...Y ...X ...

Sopan driving the speed boat with me & Deepak

Date Line : Jan/ 18/ 2005

well , we returned from CANCUN Mehico .....MEXICO that is,

.& ..
am wondering why we don't live there ??
It was almost picture perfect with BLUE of the Sea & soft white sandy beaches that stretched as far the eyes glanced in all directions....

Incidentally , the places / cities/ State etc had names starting with the most Exotic alphabets .....guess the seldon used ones are all in use Down South ! :-)

e.g. = Name of the Province we visited was from :~~

Letter Q = Quintaroo !
Y = Yuctan Penninsula

& the Name of a city was,

X = Xil Ha

[ the Sweet & Salt water Natural Reserve where one swims with da Dolphins, Angel Fish & Parrot Fish & Multi colored Fishys ;-)) A real Cool place ! ]

Stayed @ Cancun Riviera - in the Royal Sands Resorts &
Saw Tulum the Ancient Mayan Ruins which r Calenders to read the Dates / movements etc of the Sun & the Moon :
saw Fight unto death of 2 IGUANAS - which are the slithering lizards that roam in the wild ------ shreeek ----

All in all, it was an awsome encounter with an ancient yet new Nation , trying to make its mark in this 21 st century among families of other Nations of this world.

Truly TRAVEL broadens one's Horizons !


Anonymous Anonymous said... more brilliant learning from ur exotic travels...expecting more to come...

1:30 AM  
Blogger लावण्यम्` ~ अन्तर्मन्` said...

Sure ;-)
I've not traveled much in Bharat mainly because my kids were younger --
Glad U liked this Post !
more to follow ...

happy surfing ...

8:32 AM  

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