Friday, September 22, 2006

2 Narendra whom I look upto ....

there is this thin line between being arrogant -- n -- having ' self pride ' or confidence in ones own self.

i learnt to walk that difficult line from papa . b confident but never be proud. have self pride is healthy. don't let any one stop you from ' smiling ' or admiring flowers or singing when you are joyful.

My memories of him are my lessons by which I learn, every day so I do not forget them but cherish them & remember them often -- -- to learn some thing new, every day.== every time.

he was that rare specimen of almost perfect human being who by just being himself brought me closer to the divine energy whom we call --- GOD !

surely, every one is given some freedom --- to have handicaps ----

i think, Viveka Nanda or So many others like him, came to do their work & left -- He left this world -- at age 33 !

-- did you know that as a commoner when his name was NARENDRA --- he was hunting for a job -- ?

his Mother was about to have him married -- but his GURU sree Ram Krishna Param Hansa knew what was in his Destiny. ----

it is diff. to have money - or -- No Money --- & then - to use it wisely -- but NEVER let it " consume " ones Humanity -- -- it is not worth it !

---- Arrogance is that which makes you look " negatively " at others achievements, good Qualities, their goodness while constantly thinking that we are the ones who sacrifice & suffer the MOST & we only GOT a Raw Deal.

Which is not True !

Life is a Great Equalizer.

Good & Bad times come surely as Sun & shadow.
Day & Night. Like Birth & Death.

TIES to Ego are given up when one realises that I'm part of the Whole.
the thought that,
I'm part of something beyond & much bigger then what I' see or percieve with these senses.

The first realisation of this leads to Q.s that US human beings have asked since centuries --
Who am I ? Am I this Body ? Or Am I a Soul ?

From where have I come ?
What is the Source ?
Am I part of this source ?
Or is it beyond me ?
Only an Enlightened MASTER will show you the Light.
That we are part of the DIVINE.
We are but made up of STARS !
[ said the scientist Carl Sagan ]

Physics & Metaphysics r groping towadrs the SAME Eternal TRUTHS. Each Soul is own its unique journey.

The ultimate destination arrives for each one of us at an apponited time.
therefor, keep evolving.
Do your part. Enjoy the Music. Enjoy the Ride !


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