Sunday, September 24, 2006

"D " is for .....

Did you know that the BEST - Flawless diamond is given a "D" col. ?
that is as high in grading as they can get when the Quality of a Diamond is given certificate of "D" ....
the diamonds from India -- & particulerly from the GOLCONDA mines which were owned by the NIZAM & 10 most precious & largest diamonds of this world , which are in the British & French & Russian Royalties crowns -- come from the "Golconda " mines.

The Hope, the Cullian, the Kohi -i - Noor etc etc & their grading & the LIGHT emanating from them is so sparkly & luminiscent that it defies even the bench mark of industry -- it means -- they are even beyond "D" color !!

When a piece of CARBON gets the pressure above millions of degrees it transforms from dark black coal into a diamond !

We humans also shine with hardships & pressure & reach our utmost potential -----

the good ones turn into Gems & the weak , break down into oblivion !
From Dust Dust ....
From ashes to Ashes ....


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