Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Avalon & Florida trip

our car : is a steel Grey / Blue Avalon ( Toyota )
- it is my Fav . as it has a huge back seat & enough leg room like First Class Plane Seats ;-)) & I chose this after Deepak decided to get it after his Accura !

I was sold on this vehicle when we rented it for 1 week during our trip to the Southern most tip of Eastern USA & traveled to Florida & saw CUBA - few kilometers away from -- mainland US of A !!

The southern most tip of Florida......
" KEY WEST " that city on the edge of Floridaian penninsula ...
a " Conch Paradise " & with a free wheeling life style ...& white sandy beaches on the mighty Atlantic Ocean on its eastern side.
A great attraction here is ,
on a war story he had started on the passage to Key West. Hemingway worked avidly on his novel in the mornings. The novel, which was published in fall of 1929, Hemingway established his routine of writing during the early mornings when the temperature was coolest, while taking time to explore his new surroundings in the afternoons. He resumed work
which was
"A Farewell To Arms".

Other major Florida cities we saw were --
Miami :
Here we ate the best Italian style "Gelato = a softer version of an ice cream -- kind a like a cross btwn ice cream & frozen sorbet with unique , citrusy - fruit flavors & they were all yummm !! -- saw the infamous Palace like home of Italian designer Gianni Versace with its Black & Gold ornate Gates -- Versace was gunned down , on the steps as he returned after his morning coffee at that very spot ! )
Ft Lauderdale :
Zipped by to reach Miami en route from Boca & ate pizza & Green house salad at an Italian restaurant .
Palm Beach :
Many retired ( consider RICH ! as most American citizens who've worked hard all their life , saved have now reached this position & they choose to migrate to a warmer climate in Souther States & Florida is a magnet for most ! )
-- we disembarked on a bright & sunny afternoon
& immediately began exploring the vibrant city.
A short distance away we saw " Mar Lago " the BOND film look alike, vast
Beach front property of American enerprenuer Mr. Donald Trump which also hosts Pagents & parties & has a faboulous Spa within its magnificent premises.
Boca Raton :
( where a dear friend Mehul lives with his sweet family ) ,
& we drove by
Del Rey Beach, Pompano Beach to reach
( the city has DISNEY WORLD , different from "Disney Land " which is in the city of Los ~ Angeles in the Western state of California )
then we met a friend after some 15 yrs. !
had a great Gujju dinner & paan grew in a pot @ their home which we relished with * fun *
the city is near Sarasota Florida named :
( where a friend has a dry cleaning business ) --- etcetc

( watch the location of Key west in Florida )


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A beautiful trip of learning with some brief quotes certainly a guide book for people who are nt aware of States...thnx
And Madam ur too welcome to visit my Blog & give ur precious advise..

1:23 AM  
Blogger लावण्यम्` ~ अन्तर्मन्` said...

Ask for an advise specifically :)
Or I am not in the habit of doling it out ....
thank u 4 liking the post.
USA is a wide Kaliedoscope of differing terrains & vistas.
To travel is by itself an education .
It is strange that when I'm in America, i miss Bharat & vice versa !!

9:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Nice Pravas Varnan. Enjoyed yr travel narration which had a good info. also.
I am sure u all had a great time!!

-Harshad Jangla
Atlanta, USA
Jan 18 2007

1:51 PM  
Blogger लावण्यम्` ~ अन्तर्मन्` said...

Harshad bhai,
Glad you enjoyed the varnan --
we drove through Atlanta that time
If at all we come that way again will look your family up !
Have you seen FL ?

9:54 AM  

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