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What is this Diwali Festival ? [ 21 st October is the DIWALI DAY in this year 2006 !

Good Luck & Peace & prosperity & wealth & is covted by all human beings.

More Sweets are prepared like" Shree Khand " made of yogurt put in a seive of cheese cloth & after the water has dripped off, suger , saffron & cardamom is mixed & eaten with Poodi or Wheat bread deep fried in clerified butter with fresh Green vegetables & lentils & other savory dishes.
These are " Diwali Poojan shloka " ~~
May Maa Maha -Laxmiji shower peace, prosperity
& Joy on you & your family ,


Namstute mahamaye Shree peethe sur pujite
shank chakra gada haste Maha Laxmi namostute !!

Translation :
( O Maha - Maya , seated on the Shree Pitha ( Divine Seat ) , worshipped by Devas
Thou with a Shankh ( Conch ) a Chakra ( Discuss ) in your hands, I Bow to Thee ! )

Nameste Garudarudhe Kolasur bhayankari
Sarva paap hare Devi Maha Laxmi Namostute !!

Translation :
( Thou ride on a GARUD ( an Eagle ) fierce in war
Destroyer of all Sins, O Devi, I bow to Thee ! )

Sarvegnye Sarva varde Sarva Dushta bhayankari
Sarva dukh hare devi Maha Laxmi namostute !!

Translation :
( Thou KNOWER of ALL , bestower of ALL , destroyer of All that is Bad
Remover of all unhappiness O Devi, I bow to Thee ! )

Siddhi Buddhi prade devi Bhukti Mukti pradayani
Mantra murte sada devi Maha Laxmi naostute !!

Translation :
( Thou giver of all intellect & wealth & of enjoyment & Mukti = deliverance
Thou the manifestation of Mantra incarnate, Maha Laxmi , I bow to Thee ! )

Aadhyanta rahite devi aadi shakti maheshwari
Yog je Yog sambhute Maha Laxmi namostute !!

Translation :
( Thou art begning & end & the primordial force O consort of Maheshwar ( Shiva )
Yoga art thou & connected too, divine incarnate O Maha Laxmi, I bow to Thee ! )

Sthool shkshoom maha rodre maha shakte mahodere
Maha paap hare devi Maha Laxmi namostute !!

Translation :
( in the finer & in gross matter the warathful & most powerful
remover of the gravest SIN , O Maha Laxmi, I bow to Thee ! )

Padmasan sthite devi Para -Brahma Swarupini
Parmeshi Jagan maatah Maha Laxmi namostute !!

Translation :
( Thou sitting on a ( RED ) Lotus, the Divine Infinite manifested IMAGE
The most exalted, MOTHER of Universe , Maha Laxmi, I bow to Thee ! )

Maha laksymastakam strotra yah pathet bhakti mannareh
Sarva siddham vapnoti Rajyam prapnoti Sarvada !!

Translation :
( These 8 / Eight verses STROTA / verse , whosoever recites with devotion,
All the Boons will converge unto you & so will a sound state of life ! )

Ekkale pathe nityam maha paap vinashanam
Dwi kale yeh pathe nityam dhan dhanya samnvitah !!

Translation :
( If you recite this once a day, it will act as cataylst to remove sins,
Twice , if read daily will bestow wealth & good food is inherent in the act )

Tri kale yeh pathe nittyah maha shatru vinashanam
Maha Laxmi bhavernityam prassanna varda shubha !!

Translation :
( Thrice reading done daily will destroy the greatest foe -
& Sree Maha Laxmi will be forever pleased with Thee )

Dipawali , or Diwali as we call it is -- HINDU Dharmas culminating Festival after a year closes & the next day of this " No - Moon day or Amavasya day " is New Year as per a Hindu Calender.

Jaina dharma / Jaina religion celebrated its 24 th & last Great Teacher who was BHAGWAN MAHAVIR who was the last TIRTHANKER who established the Glory of Jainism & Diwali is the anniversery of Mahaveer Swami. Thus celebrated in JAINISM , the world over.

Diwali day is sacred to Hindus because Sree Ram returned to his kingdon of AYODHYA from his exile to Forest with his Queen Sita devi & younger brother Lakshmana after defeating the demon Ravana who ruled Sree Lanka puri in ancient India .

Sree Ram flew home riding on the fabled " PUSHPAK " viman ( an aeroplane as it is described in Sage Valmiki' s Sanskrit RAMAYANA " epic ....Ram rode in this PUSHPAK Vimana -- over the hills & valley of central & southern Indian states with his Monkey army & sree HANUMAN & the Bear JAMBWAAN & ANGAD , the son of Bali & Sugreeva the General of Monkey army , joyful with victory as Sree Bharat & Shatrughan , Sree Ram's younger brothers & 3 mothers , Kaushlaya, Sumitra & Kaikeyi awaited Sree Ram's return home.

For Budhdhists this is a holy parva as Gautama Budhdha left his earthly body & found NIRVANA or liberation forever & ever as he lay down his body wrapped in Golden silks & breathed his last Yogic breath & his disciples watched the glorious BUDDHA with somber faces !

What is this Diwali Festival ? [ 21 st October is the DIWALI DAY in this year 2006 ! ]

Diwali starts with the 11 th day called EKADASHI , some folks keep a fast or eat prescribed food among which are food called FARAL -- Non Gran items with potatoes, Yams, peanuts & fruits & milk products.

then 12th is the " Day of the TIGER " called --- " WAGH BARAS " which is a general preparation day
Homes are cleaned, a RANGOLI a design made with colored poweders on ground , just out side to welcome Guests relatives & friendsis made ....Flower Garlands are put up made of Mari Gold yellow flowers entwined with Green Ashoka leaves & in modern times Electric lights & Paper Fanush or Candle holding Lantrens are put up as decorations

13 is the day devoted to God " KUBER " who is the BANKER to all the GODS who lives near mountain Kailash , high up in snow clad Himalayan mountains where Golden Lotuses grow with exquisite fragrance whichin the epic Mahabharat -- -- the exiled Queen Draupadi had once seen & demanded her strong husband BHEEMA to fetch it for her !

So 13 is called " DHAN - TERAS " where Hindus wash their Silver coins & 22 kt. gold ornaments like Bangles & necklaces etc in milk , light a lamp in home shrines , burn incenses, wear new clothes & make lavish meals with multiple exotic dishes spiced up with cinamon, cloves , corriender & cumin & nut meg with emphasis on Sweets made of Cashew & Pistachios & almonds & cardamom & safforn !

14 th is called " NARAK - CHATURDASHEE " --- it is also a day of Praparations -- when a ceremonial Bath with facial masks & body ungents prepared with chik peas flour mixed with cream, turmeric, sandal wood paste & real essances like Rose or Jasmine or Musk or wood Amber all made into a fine paste is rubbed all over the body & oil message is given to the tired limbs to rejuvenate them & readied to face the auspicious DIWALI day --

Diwali arrives .......which is the 15 th or Amavasya or " No Moon " day & night --

It falls close to the " Harvest Moon Night " when the MOON is Full & at its Brightest in the sky. But when the No moon , darkest night of the Year arrives the Indian community recieve it with Earthen Lamps & with Electric bulbs , twinkling on every HOME & at every door step -- from a poor man's HUT to a King's palace the Lights Welcome one & all !

The WELCOME is also set for the Goddess of WEALTH & PROSPERTY who is LAXMI who arose from the OCEAN like a VENUS of Greek mythology and she is the most beautiful female incarnation -- --

Sree Laxmi is the bestower of Boons & wisdon & remover of all evil, ill luck & destroyer of demons & all that is bad ! She brings
Mothers & wives excel in their preparations of regional cuisines & old trasured family recipes are lovingly prepared for a gastronomy delight & enjoyed by friends & relatives.

The next day is-- " NAYA SAAL " or New Year & we can hear fire crackers , bursting into the sky ... continueously for the fifth night in sequence !!

children & adult all feel Merry as they eat & smile & hug each other in a culmination of of this 5 day festive celebrattion .

Last day after the New Year is set aside for Brother & Sisters called " Bhaiya - Dooj "

the Moon is out like a fine Silver , curve formed into a delicate beauty on this 2 nd night when Moon will again start expanding or waxing.

A sister puts a Red vermillion TILAK or an auspicious Mark on her brother's forehead to wish him well
& puts some sweet in his mouth & they hug each other & promise to be there , for each other , forever !

Thus the Festival of DIWALI the ultimate in celebrations , winds down & good folks await its return ...
till next year ..............................................................................................................................................

Here is wishing you all a very Happy Diwali & All Good Wishes for a wonderful New Year !!
21 st October is the DIWALI DAY in this year 2006 !

warm regards,
-- Lavanya


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Thanks for the information. In college world religions class never explained anything, but thanks to you I have a better understanding and appreciation for your religion. After all I am always in search of the truth.

I will definately be stopping by your blog. Often. :)

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ThanX Paradox -- Glad you liked the Information

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