Friday, December 01, 2006

My Lata Didi & her " Alaap "

Here is Didi with America's Ex - President Bill Clinton & Hillary Clinton
Re: Lataji 's AALAAP --- & then soft sign off -- lends the song a signature
a " chaap " ~~~ which is HERS & hers only !!
& Sree Raj Kapoor saab was the greatest fan of Didi's Alaaps.
In Modern times Yash Chopraji has used Didi;s alaaps for Yash Raj Banner DVD, Films & at many places in his numerous movies as if to lend them a touch of Ambrosic, immortality.
My Lata Didi : ~~~

She is what she comes across in her singing
--- a BEAUTIFUL FEMALE, inside & OUT , an honest & sincere kalakaar , a komal hriday walee NARI
-- & above all this , a GREAT human being ---
Maa SARASWATI has chosen her to be HER OWN VOICE ---

I BOW DOWN to the LIGHT , THE SOUND that emenates from DIDI as a PRASAD of MAA ---

Re: aleep --- I was once present when Didi was singing SSS 's song
" Sunee jo unke aane ki aahat gareeb khana sajaya humne"
& Raj saab was strictly instructed by Lataji
[ via some one ] not to ENTER her recording space ;-))

Raj saab , a very mischievious fellow , put just half of his leg inside as he came , near to REQUEST DIDI
' please kuch aalaap jod dijiye na Lataji ees Gana mei " ......

& Didi fumed & said under her breath , " alaap hee alaap se poori record bhur doongi -- fir aise hee gana ko release ker dijiyega " ....& we all burst out laughing ....

This is a page from my Memories :
BY Lavanya


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