Friday, December 01, 2006

Noor jahan : 2 songs & the Great Divide !

A Rajasthani musician trumpets across the Deserts .........

Noor Jahan ji migrated to the New Nation of Pakistan after Indian subcontinent was divided in 1947 ....

her song " Aawaz de kahan hai ....Duniya meri jawan hai ..." still humms in my mind's corner as she had sung it on her visit , Naushad saab conducted the musicians as the pure & rich sounds floated & mesmerised the entire audience at Shanmukha Nanda Hall at Mumbai

I had the privilege to be present that night in the auditorium .....
now I came upon 2 of her songs which I love to hear again & again ....

Music has no boundries .......................................................................

As Javed Akhtar saab wrote for Film : Refugee ,
" Panchee Nadiyaan , pawan ke jhonkein,
koyee parbat na unhe roke "

BOUNDRIES ----------------------------- are LINES & LOC --------- drawn on ONE EARTH which all of US , share but the Power hungry , divide it & plunder it & abuse it & kill countless human beings to propagate their
doctrines in hopes of establishing their heirarchy & supremecy !

But alas ! :-((

The Mother Earth knows this that all her Children take shelter on her bosom. She sustains them.

There is a Sanskrit Shloka :
" समुद्रवसने देवी पर्वत स्तन मँडले विष्णुपत्नी नमस्तुभयँ पादस्पर्श क्षमस्व मे "
[ Translation:
" O Thy Divine Godess, ( Mother Earth ) with Lofty Mountains as thy bosom, I seek thy forgiveness O wife of God almighty ( Vishnu ) for standing on THOU ...with my feet ! " ]
My father Late Pt. Narendra Sharma wrote
in film : Satyam Shivam Sunderam :
" Ek Surya hai, Ek Gagan hai , Ek hee Dharti Mata,
Daya karo Prabhu , Ek bune sub, sub ka Ek Se Naata !
Radha Mohan Sharanam, Satyam Shivam Sunderam "

Sigh ............
.let's listen to the Legendry Singer Noor Jahan from across the divide ...
of India & Pakistan ....
...let love & compassion flow from our hearts !
Amen !!

Here are the song links :

( 1 ) Sur Sangit Ki Jogan Ban Ke

To view the songs, please visit:

& watch & hear the magical sound that rises above the Hindu Kush mountain Ranges ascend to the sky & reverberate through the valleys and mingle into the flowing waters of Ravi & Chenab & Satluj rivers ......

She sings " In the Mirror of my heart ...O Beloved is your Image "
A Sufi poet RUMI also wrote similer songs addressed to GOD ....
calling him "Beloved " .....a soul's yearning to meet the Creator ..

( 2 ) Mere dil de shisey vich05:27


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