Tuesday, January 16, 2007

‘Naina barse rimjhim rimjhim’

what must be the thoughts that Lata didi thinks when she reads the lyrics of a new song for the first time ?

What emotions must pass through her mind ?

How does she conjur up the pain, the longing & the pathos in her sad songs ?

Does she recall some painful memory from her own life ?
does she think of the pain of others ?
Or Both ?

I've often wondered about that .

( i must ask her this Q. some day .............)

It has been my privilege to see a song neatly being written in her slightly rounded, curved beautiful hand writing which looks like a mix between Marathi & Sanskrit syllabals --

Every song , she begins with

" Shree Krishna " .................................

on top of an empty page & then, writes the lyrics herself !

She has also told me that when she reads a poets' hand written song, she understands the words / & / the lyrics better :)

I was fortunate when she told me this & asked me to send her, my poems
in simple , old fashioned "hand -written " way which I did !
Didi kindly read them !
Ooh i was over joyed to hear that --

Didi always does the right thing &
does not hurt any one . that is how she is !

Even Pt. Hriday Nath Mangeshker ji ( Baal for her & her youngest sibling )
read them & Didi told me that he liked my poems most of which are in pure /or/ chaste Hindi -- & -- showed them to his son Adi Nath & commented that "in this day & age , not many writers use such language"

My young friend who is a " True Latadi BHAKTA " Mr. Deepak Jeswal suggested this etheral Latadi song on his beautifully written BLOG :

Random Expressions

my new post on Lataji titled "Lata Mangeshkar - A Quest for Lifetime"

on my blog http://www.deepakjeswal.com/

‘Naina barse rimjhim rimjhim’ can be used effectively

& I had these thoughts


” what a lovely number ” ” Rim jhim rimjhim ” —
one can alomst hear the rain drops falling in succession over everything in sight. Sigh !

Didi’s voice has that power to transport inanimate objects come alive with the sheer unearthly power of her soul force the way you describe ------------- " Dilware ke Dera & the intricate carvings hum along with Latadi’s voice " , yes , the Swar is keeping tempo & reverbrating on our heart strings.

I’ve experienced this too — zipping by on rural America’s obscure towns, in our car, or some times in a rented vehicle , i watch the mist laden mountains & valley’s and somehow they seem ALIVE with the songs of Didi.

Rasik Balma ….Dil kyun lagaya tose ….

as if a forlon figure …cries n the entire NATURE ..then,echos her song.

Manzil milne ki aas thee…

ye hum nahee jante the
rasta hee bun gaya tha,
unki aawaz se Manzil meri !

warm regards,


Blogger Deepak Jeswal said...

Lavanyaji, Aapne mere post ko apne blog pe jagah dekar bahut bahut izzat afzaai kii hai - many many thanks :)

Aur jo aapne sawaal uthaya hai, woh mere mann mein kai baar aata hai - that what does she think when she gets a lyric for the first time, or hears the tune for the first time. And how she manages to transform mere words on paper to a level that seems to speak directly from the soul!

I sometimes really wish i was privy to the discussions that Madan Mohanji and Latadidi would have had to create those towering beauties. Kaise tune or lyric diya hoga Madan saab ne Latadi for Naina barse... or, how would he have explained Khelo na mere dil se, to which Latadidi added a slight taunt, a slight sorrow, a bit of resigned fate into her rendition.

Aapne jo tidbit dee hain woh bahut mazaa aaya padh ke.

9:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

वाह!!! मजा आ गया लता दीदी के बारे में जानकर
कहते हैं उनकी आवाज परमात्मा से जोड़ देती है
कोई शब्द ठहरे तब ना मैं कुछ कह भी पाऊँ...

1:15 AM  
Blogger लावण्यम्` ~ अन्तर्मन्` said...

Aap Didi per itna achcha likhen to hum eese apna bana lengen ..you r most "welcome " ...
I belive in a;; communications as , means to achieve some insight & adhere to being respectful & fair to others' voice.

I hope that Sanjeev Kohli ( Sree Madan Mohanji's Son - would write a Book or Memoirs on his legendry & accomplished Father !

Re: Didi's emotional grasp , she has had her share of sorrows & joys.

Just being a "Legend in her life time " has not made her immune to that !

Lata didi is " Bharat Ratna" but above all her Honors, she has retained being a "young "LATA" who lost her father & took on the responsibility of her entire FAMILY , on her fragile shoulders & a determined heart !

I want to share whatever I feel as OK .....
what is the use of hoarding / hiding it in my heart ? :-)
Isn't it ?

"Zindgi ke safar mei ..
gujar jate hain jo makam,
wo fir nahee aate ....
wo fir nahee aate ...."

9:22 AM  
Blogger लावण्यम्` ~ अन्तर्मन्` said...

दीव्याभ जी,

आप को पसँद आया, हमारा लिखना सफल हुआ ---
शुक्रिया !

9:25 AM  

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