Tuesday, January 30, 2007

3 recipes :)

Today --- I want to share my 3 recipes ---
( i hope my Noahy eats these soon made by me)

1) Khus - Khus ki Sabji with Bajre ki Roti &

2) Alu Mutter Paneer ( Punjabi sabji )

3 ) Bhure hue Karele

1) To prepare start with -- Bajri ki Roti ( Gujrati's call it "ROTLA "
Knead Bajri aata in clean water -- soft to touch -- & make thick Rotis & roast over heat from all sides.

2) Khus -Khus : ( which is poopy seed ;-)) Ya !! the same Poppy -- which is used in lemon / poppy seed muffins ) --

Soak 1/2 KG , of Khus -Khus over night in clean water. Next day , grind the Khus - Khus on stone grinder -- Save that pulp ---

Ingredients --- Mint [ a small bunch = around 20 leaves or so Green Chilly + Ginger = adrak ka 1/2 inch piece - Grind it
White Onion - Large one or 2 if small -- chopped fine in cubes

Method --- in oil put the Green chilly, adrak paste + diced onion along with CUMIN from your Spice box.

Fry until translucent & golden brown --- add the Mint leaves & the Khush -Khus Pulp -- stir thoroughly -- Lower the heat & add some water -

approximately like we add to Rice so it gets cooked . On Low medium heat let the mixture cook gentle -- Best if you can do this over COAL
Sigdi -- put a few Hot coal on the LID of the POT which is cooking the Sabji

ADD -- 2 BIG tablespoonful of fresh oil -- let it all simmer --- The Khus -Khus should be ready in 25 min.s -- Sprinkle fresh Corrinder leaves & red chilly powder on top & SERVE the HOT Sabji with the Bajre ka Rotla & Enjoy a most UNUSUAL Dish !! Bona pattetite !!

2) Punjabi -Alu Mutter Paneer


Paneer 1 K.g. ---
Alu - 5 Large ones cut into chips size
Mutter -- 1/2 KG
Red Onions, - 3 big ones,
Garlic -- 4/5 Kalis
Tomatoes -- 5
Corriender Leaves [ Kothmir for Garnish ]
Green Chillies - 2 [ Cleaned from inside without seeds ]
& Yogurt --


Dice Onions in small cubes -- add green chillies, Jira , Namak & a pinch of Suger, 5/6 black pepper seeds & garlic & Tomotoes & grind all this into paste over Stone grinder or in a mixture --- I prefer Stone Ground as it brings out the flavors -- add red chilly powder, Dhana -Jeeru powder & Turmeric -- Keep aside

Put Oil in a large skillet or heavy Brass pot or Kadhai --- pop Jeera & 1 Cinnemon stick [ Taj ] -- 3 Cloves
(called " Lavang" in Gujrati & "Laung" in Hindi )
& add some Ghee -- as it heats up add the CUT Potatoes -- let it fry gently -- take out --- then fry Paneer Pieces --
Add more Ghee if it is needed --- add to this same ghee the Above Ground Mixture of Onion / Tomato / garlic etc .
Fry until it is dry & gives off Ghee ---
[ It should get less & more condensed as it should be fried for a good half an hour -- jut like making Khoya from liquid milk ] --
The ART of a Great GRAVY is mainly in frying this mixture till it is deep red in color over gentle heat for quite some time
ADD the YOGURT to this hot mixture --- the Yougurt will evoprate leaving solids in the mixture & lending a TANGY = Sour = Khatta taste . Some also add Heavy Cream instead of Yogurt but that makes this Sabji very heavy -- I prefer Yogurt
Add water & Boiled Peas & let it all simmer -- Cover the Pot with a Lid.
When Serving --- add Garnish of Corrinder leaves [ Kothmir]
Serve this with Phulkas or Paratha Punjabi style ....Yummm !!!

Here is the Karele bhure hue ki recipe :
First : scrape the thorny out side of Karelas -- with knife -
empty the insides of Keralas , take the seeds out from the middle & save the pulp / flesh -- for later use --
then put them into boiling water with some salt & ajwain in the water -- let the kerals simmer for 5 min.s till they r tender - take out n let the water drain out --
Mix the stuffing -- some green Variyali , dhana & jeeru aakhu, red chillis, 6 pods black pepper , hing, haldi, aamchoor powder , 1 tea spoon chale ka aata roasted dry over skillet, half tea spoon anar daana --- take all this & grind it along with the flesh from the middle of Kerala , taste the mixture, add oil & adjust the Khatai, salt & mirchi part in it , then stuff it all this into the Keralas which r cut into middle & tie it up with a twine / thread --- so the Kerals do not open up & say tied -- now put them in hot oil -- take a good oil so the sabji smells good -- add some cashews & hing to oil & turn the kerals till each of them is golden brown & crisp --- eat with Roti or Pooris --- Enjoy -- yummm --- ;-))))


Blogger Harshad Jangla said...

Its nice to get something new and different. Mouthwatering receipes! VOW!
Noahy looks very cute!
-Harshad Jangla
Atlanta, USA
Jan 30 2007

2:42 PM  
Blogger लावण्यम्` ~ अन्तर्मन्` said...

I haven't eaten Khus -Khus ki sabji anywhere besides at my childhood home !
Thought to share it :-)
Thanx Re: Noahy !

5:21 PM  
Blogger Divine India said...

Beautiful Snap!!मैं भी चाहता हूँ इसे बनाना देखें कैसा बना पाता हूँ!!मगर पढ़ने के बाद ही मजा आ रहा था…मैं सोंच रहा था कि मैडम जब-भी इंडिया आएँगी…मिलने की कोशिश करुंगा और हाथ का बना ही खाऊँगा…देखे कब यह सत्य होता है…
वैसे मैं 1st week of Feb में मुंबई चला जाऊँगा Direction के लिए…।मेरा E-mail ID - divyabh.aryan@gmail.com

12:23 PM  
Blogger लावण्यम्` ~ अन्तर्मन्` said...

बन्बई यात्रा अच्छी रहे -
हाँ, जिँदगी मेँ , कब कहाँ , किससे मिलना होता है वो सब ऊपरवाला पहले ही तै कर देता है -
निर्धारित समय पर हम उस जगह पहुँच जाते हैँ जहाँ उस पल की घटना इँतजार मेँ खडी होती है !
-- लावण्या

1:24 PM  
Blogger Dr.Bhawna Kunwar said...

ये सब पढकर तो अपना देश याद आ गया जो खाना वहाँ होता है वह कहीं नहीं होता।

9:41 AM  
Blogger लावण्यम्` ~ अन्तर्मन्` said...

डो. भावना जी,
" रोटी की सोँधी सोँधी खुशबु व वतन के बासमती / देहरादूनी या फिर गुजरात का कमोद चावल, अरहर की दाल, साग सब्जीयाँ , रायता , खट्टे, मीठे अचार, चटनीयाँ , बडीयाँ पापड , मिठाइयाँ , नाश्ते ...आहा!!
" क्या भूलूँ क्या याद करूँ "..कहने को मन करता है , है ना ?
स स्नेह

12:23 PM  

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