Tuesday, October 17, 2006

" Ab main Nachyo bahut Gopal "

papaji's dost wrote a famous Book titled,
" Ab main Nachyo bahut Gopal "
do U know who wrote a famous bhajan by this same line ??

Answer : Surdas ji ...it was his bhajan , written when he grew old ...& ...after this one Sree Krishna gave him Darshan in the SWAROOP of a Small Boy :)
have U heard that story ?
Surdasji was Blind poet + Singer
So we call any person with similer talents " ye to Surdas hai ! "
( meaning he can sing though he is blind )

---Surdasji lived at Brindavan & composed new songs each day as he sat in front of Krishna & tried his best to please the Lord so that his Bhakti would be ful filled & Sree Krishnaji , would some day give him Darshan & bless him so that his soul will not be born again n again in this world to feel pain n difficulties .

Many years passed but all his Songs did not bring Krishna in front of Surdasji's Eyes ! He would some days even Dance to please Sree Krishna.Surdas ji's songs = bhajan written for Baby Krishna are particulerly so remarkable that it feels as if Maiyya Yashoda herself is singing --- I have 2 of these ----

" Yashoda, HARI paalne jhulave " -
-- sung by Sadhna Sargam from Mahabharat-- its a Lullaby = a Haalardu :)
& a Nitin Mukesh song, " Maiyya moree , main nahee Maakhan khayo , Daoo [ myBig brother Bal Ram ] bahut khijayo "

[ Krishna after eating Makkhan lies to Maa Yashoda that Mother, I did not eat Butter -- My Elder brother Bal Ram teases me that our Father = Nand Ji is Gora, so is Maa Yashoda & I amGora but you alone r dark ! --- I think they bought you from some one in abazaar & you are not their child !! "
[ Irony is that, though this was TRUE-- as Krishna was DEVKI & VASUDEV's son -- Krishna complains to MaaYashoda & she hugs & kisses his tears away & tells him, I Swear on our entire flock of Cows == which is called GODHAN --- that for as long as the SUN shines , you are my child & I am your Mother !!

"SUCH SUBLIME ..bhaav = feelings come only from a Saint poets heart -- here this Saint poet is SURDASJI my Papaji is also a similer Saint - poet. not boasting but he writes as if He can See Sree Krishna ---

Or like Sree Ram as Baba Tussidasji has written his Bhajans.

SO --- as Surdasji reached a ripe old age, he sobbed one day & sang,

" Abmain, nachyo bahut GOPAL !"

How much do you want me to dance on O lord ? When will you appear before me? & Bless me ?? "

Then he got up & walked towards his Kutiya ( HUT ) in darkness , gropping his way as he was blind & other people had gone home from the temple.

Surdasji did not realise that he was walking straight into an open well as he was really sad & disturbed that night.

Sree Krishna saw this accident about to happen & rushed as a young Boy of 11 & stopped Surdasji saying, "Baba ! Kahan ja rahe ho ? Samne Kunva hai -- Ruko, main aapkee laathi pakad ker aapko kutiya tak chod aata hoon ! "

The Voice was sweet as Amrit & divine & in a flash Surdasji knew this young lad was his Lord " Gopal "

--So Surdasji started pulling on the Laathi = stick & grabbed his hands !!

Sree Krishna tried to free his hands but Surdasji held on tight --- but then let it go ...

Surdasji fell on theground & sang crying, " haath chuda ker jaat ho, tub maanu tumko Shyam, jo dil se mere ja sako tum ..."

& Sree Krishna it is said, " Blessed him by giving him SIGHT & gave DARSHAN in his " CHAR - BHUJA MAHA VISHNU SWAROOP " ----
& after seeing Sree Hari's " Char ~ Bhuja Swaroop "
Surdas got Mukti ---


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