Monday, November 06, 2006

A wedding party ~~~ to Remember , Forever !! :-)

A wedding party ........??
How should be a Wedding ??
Any Ideas Folks ??
Or should we say .............
where's the PARTY YAAR ?? ;-))
( there's a Desi Film by that name )
WEDDINGS -- are nowadays a blend of East & Western cultures --
The Wedding can be a dhoom - dhadaka affair
OR ,
you can make it real REGAL, CLassy & COOL ...

.believe it or not, Rajiv Gandhi & Sonia's Shadi was held at the Prime Ministers's offocial residence near Teen Murti Bhavan at New Delhi & it was simple + elegant !

My Amma had told me about it had the Kesariya color = Saffron color as the theme ........Saffron ka sharbet , Orange / Mari Gold ke yellow flowers over white walls & tents ........the Nehru parivaar in the pure white clothes + with Mari gold & orange Rose Garlands ...........looking real Festive & V. Indian !!

Ideas to bahot hain ..........per I had to bow down in favor of what my Beti had planned since one whole year upto the minutest detail of her brides maid's col = Deep Red Maroon gowns - to their flower bouquets of red/ yellow / orange her white off the shoulder gown & me in Maroon & gold saree ..........& ALL men in Tuxedos .........& we wanted it to be her Special day ....& .not disappoint her quietly paid all the Bills !! Let her feel Happy !!

Meena mehta's 1 brother was an indian Air force pilot & his Shamiyana to host the wedding was
an open , furled white, big parachute .............;-))
I still think that was the most unique wedding I'd attended ...........
& .Meenas; sister Pratima had a real Gujju = NAGAR wedding with Fresh , valsaad ni .......Keri no ras for the afternoon lunch with white khatta dhokla & leeli chuttney !! It was Yummmy !!

The Best ever I've tasted !!!
...........the bride was decked up in Flowers ke Gehne !

The Shadi to date to surpass ALL has been Ritu Raj Kapoor's ..........
I can write pages & pages on that one .........

It was where Hema Malini [ at age 17 ] ..danced her first public performance, the Baratis were served FIRNI [ pujabi style kheer ] on Mitti ke Kulhad / diye with silver vark spread with pink Gulab ki pankhuriyaan ........
[ we young girls served these as a Waiter held the massive Tray ] more then 5,000 Punjju Folks !! ;-)) .
.....Zordaar Bhangda was going on by the Patiyala Bhangda Group on one side,
Ms Shubba Laxmi [ the legendry South Indian singer whose Bhajans r played at TIRUPATI MANDIR ] sang Mangal - GEET ..........
& Night was Caberet by Persian dancers / belly dancing & Dharmendra, Feroz Khan, Vinod Khanna , shashi kapoor etc etc ALL Macho Bollywood "He - Men" served whisky & Champagne , personally ,to ALL guests & there was huge show of Fire Works going on into the Night sky for more then 2 hours the Baraat came , money was thrown on the streets for the beggers & urchins , lining the streets & ALL the " Kapoor men " wore Pink color ke Safe = Pagdee ( a head gear ) Pagdee
............& the Bride wore Orange & Gold ..........
& looked so dazzling that I still can't forget her ;-))
( Raj Kapoor , Raj Saab's elder daughter noe=w -- wife of Rajan Nanda & Mother of Nikitasha & Nikhil Nanda & Mother in law of Shwetambara & Dadi of Navya ~ Naveli & Agastya & Samdhan of Jaya & Amitabh Bachchan ...neice of Shammi & Shashi Kapoor, Sister of Rishi & Randhir & Rajeev Kapoor, Aunt of Karishma Kapur & Kareena Kapoor ...& grand daughter of the Legendry Prithvi Raj Kapoor who started this Kapoor Dynasty ---
is the most beautiful Female that I've seen so far in my life ........[ at that age when she was 20 yrs old ] .Today her son Nikhil Nanda is married to Amitabh's daughter SHWETAMBRA & they have 2 kids of their own !! ..............

REMEMBER = WEDDING is a SHOW & MAKE IT BRIGHT & DAZZLING for our children !! It is hopefully ONCE in a Life Time afair ................Of course, One should b able to AFFORD all the extrawagenza too ............So think & Plan & Enjoy the Day !! & The Night !! Why not !! ;-))


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