Thursday, December 21, 2006

Shiv ji bihan chale ...

Munimji (1955)
(Hemant Kumar, Chorus)
Shiv Ji Bihane Chale
Lyric: Shailendra
Music: S.D. Burman

The song describes the Marriage of Shiva with Parvati Shivji walks as the Bridegroom to marry Parvatiji = the daughter of Mt. Himalaya !

This song has brought back such old memories but with a powerful force that I had to give it a place here , today.

Sree UDAY SHANKAR ji has brought Glory to Dancing & to India & to himself.

His younger brother Sree Sachin Shankar ji was married to Kumudini aunty & they often came to meet Papa.

Papa had even written a Dance ~ ballet for Sachin Shankar Troupe : The name was : "Machera aur Jal Paree " = The Fisherman & the Mermaid

when Sachin Uncle used to visit i had danced for him on this particuler song ...I had bent my legs from my knees & had walked like that & he had laughed & praised my efforts with his lilting laughter ..which always emerged in " waves ' ...ha ..ha ...ha ..'


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