Saturday, December 23, 2006

Aah ! the Gypsy sings ...

Painting : By: M.F.Hussain

Aah ! the Gypsy sings ...

When the Gypsy sings from my soul,
My lips sweetly call out your name !
The long hidden magic unwinds
On scented night breeze,
Aah ! the Gypsy sings....

The sounds go back centuries,
but rise from hidden depths of me
My soul yearns,those passionate nights,
when we met, beneath Flame - tree .
...Aah ! the Gypsy sing .....

Our eyes met, hands locked,
then embrace,you held me tight
till my breath was lost
your trembling lips upon my brow
and held me so, to crush my soul
.Aah ! the Gypsy sings ...

These songs that have been sung by me,
have been sung, again and again, by many
past is present and present is past
future will come on a broad impass
Aah ! the Gypsy sings ...

The songs that break the silence
surely come from some unseen
the caravan of life flickers and moves,
under magic lantrens burning bright !
Aah ! the Gypsy sings ....

Tonight as I sing so you too will,
and countless others over distant seas,
over hills and dales their echoes rise,
filling the night with stars that shine
Aah ! the Gypsy sings ...
The Gypsy sings ...The Gypsy sings ...


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